Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 recap

2016 came in with so much promise, but it was a tough year.

I don't know if I can even honestly journal about it.

Early in the year, we had the loss of my father in law.  Though he had been ill for a while, and in a way we felt we were 'ready' to say goodbye...we were not.  My dh has been a champ, truly 'stepping up to the plate' for his family especially his mom.  We were surrounded by good friends and our church family.

then summer happened.  Very difficult and awful church drama.  I cannot even put words to what happened.  It created some broken relationships that I don't know if they can be healed.  But even after the explosion/implostion, for the first time (for me) I felt love for this group of people.  (if you know me, you know I am a 'bit' closed off when it comes to emotions...and to feel a flood of love is very unusual for me)

 But it was also a year of deep growth for me...thanks to Francis Chan and Ravi Zacharias youtube videos ,Watchman Nee's book the Normal Christian Life, Bible study with a group of good friends, Sunday School with the young adults.

Now, the good things...a new grandson...I am so blessed, I get to babysit this sweet precious boy and his goofball brother...

With his birth, I was able to quit my part time job at the business...though I go in occasionally to help audit some accounts.  And am now a fulltime 'nanny grammy' and that is the best 'job' ever!!

Here they are...I am such a lucky grandma!!!  And yes, they are each 'perfect'.

@Sept we got... OUR new 'babies'....
Bonnie and Bella...when we got them, they were about 6lbs each..they are now over 30!!  Bonnie is the larger of the 2...dh says she has a bit of a 'galoot' personality, just wants love, love, love.  Bella is a li'l smaller but seems more intelligent and adventurous.     The one most likely to get into trouble.  Looks like our old dog, Rocky has taken them under his wing...and is teaching them some ranch dog skills.   Like sleeping on the chair cushions on the patio furniture (he gets the swing).  siiiiiiiigh
And digging out my garden box (it does have the best softest dirt).

We also remodeled the suite bathroom.  No pics yet.  But it is very 'girly'.   I think my son in law says he feels the testosterone drain from him whenever he walks into it.  Will take pics when I get the shower curtain up.

2017 is going to start out super busy,   Mom in law is moving.  She got a double wide in the local senior park.  She wanted something small...just doesn't want to maintain a 2000+ square foot home...and she is closer to us.   THEN my kids will move into her other is a little further out than their present home, so I will start commuting.   So, we will be moving 2 households for the first part of 2017.  But I think the new homes will be a better fit.

Those who are wondering, my mom is in a good place.  She is in a nursing home, luckily my sisters and nieces visit regularly...she even has her own instagram account...
The question is will she behave.  There already have been some issues.  siiiiiiiiiiigh.

So, Happy New Year to all!!
 Here is hoping that no matter the bumps we face ... we will grow in Grace.
  (ahhh y'all did not know I was a poet did ya?)

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Betsy D said...

Wow! What a year. However, I am happy that your dream finally came true: being a Granny 24/7 ;)
Wishing you the best on this new year. Love you Karen :)