Thursday, April 6, 2017

Got to scrap a little this past weekend,

and yes back on a spending freeze.  Probably just for the month of April.  Good news, for me, many of the things I ordered back in March are still on their way....ha!  Can't really freeze in May, it is my birthday month.

So, for April, I created my own little 'bash challenge' like the one on 2 Peas Refugees...Pretty much just grabbed 10 items I don't use very much and put in a basket...6x6 papers (I think they came as a freebie with an order from Etsy), a border punch, some chipboard, some Queen and Co retro looking sequins, outline stickers, paper clips, blue star pins, green sparklies and red (lips) eyelets.
I put them in this basket and keep them at hand.   AND

it worked!  I am using them!! I knew I would be working on Christmas 2015, so I also stamped up these images and kept them on hand.  I actually stumbled on this by accident.  While in Tahoe last December, I stamped up some images for grandkids to color.  They did not use all of them, so I kept those on my desk...and ended up using them.  So, did it again this month (think I will every month) as a way to USE my very extensive stamp collection.   In case you were wondering these are Newton's Nook.

 This layout used the 6x6 pages and the bird outline sticker.   The green icicles were the borders pulled off the page for the glittery wish sticker (from last month's HSN purchase.  Just experimenting.

not a good pic, but can see I used the Queen and Company sparklies on the bottom left.  My brain cannot remember what that fused envelope thingy it is in is called.  (it is almost my bedtime)

This layout uses the border punch, (along the inside right) and one of the dachsund stamps

So I can say, 2015 is done for 3 out of 4 grandkids (#5 wasn't born till 2016)
one more!  
But here is where I stopped.  I was really 'fighting" this combo of papers.  The solid color is a Navy
you can see the Navy better in the next page (my next pic)  under the burgandy.   I love the combo of gold/bugandy/navy...but for some reason could not make it work in the above page.  

So had to walk away...give it fresh eyes later.

Well, gotta admit, worried about the weekend.  Guess some major storms are expected with some 50mph winds.  The river behind is is now down @5ft from it's highest in Feb.  So hopefully don't have to face any floods...but guess this is a good 'test run'.


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