Sunday, March 26, 2017

shopping, maybe be back on freeze April 1...ha!

I have been enjoying my forays into scrapbook shopping.  Addicting, really

HSN...All Occassion Dazzles...blingy, shimmery, glittery stickers.  Will share most of them with the granddaughters.

 Newton's nook stamps and dies (sorry pic is kinda dark)  Darn that Newton!  ha!!  I just LOVE these stamps.
 Another HSN, We Are Memory Keeper's frame I decided to play with this one this afternoon....

It is kinda cool to make frames for pics...though I like matting also.  But sometimes I only have 1 piece of a pp...and since I scrapbook like a 2 pager, I gotta figure out a way to make that pp stretch.  Cuz I was unsure, I practiced with a brown cardstock.    

So I was able to make a 1" frame from a 12x12 piece of paper...1" is the max...I would kinda like to make bigger frames, but can work with this.

and here is the innard.  

kinda like the corners.  

So here is the completed layout...inserting a pp into the frame.
3 of the pics are matted...while bottom right is another frame I made.  I liked it cuz it covered me...only part of my face is showing and I am wearing a hot pink shirt.  So between frame and turkey,I am covered and focus is on Kyleigh.

And though not yet glued down, this is the facing page.  Just flipped the pp for the green woodgrain and used that 'innard' from the frame punch under the pics.   

Finding my Christmas embellies was a hoot.  They are all packed away in a bin...and it took awhile to figure out which bin.  But found them!  I haven't glued it down, cuz I am kinda hoping to find a Christmas embellie with a touch of orange to coordinate with the other page.  We will see.

So, yay! got a couple of pages done AND best of all played with a new toy!   

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