Sunday, July 18, 2010

in Florence!!

so, we are spending the weekend in Florence, Florence Oregon, that is..the central coast visiting with Merritt and Carita (my inlaws)...very nice relaxed visit.

Oregon is beautiful, if you like coastal views, sand dunes, and bears and stuff...and a cool to cold breeze. However, for me...nah, I grew up in no cold for me. I SHOULD not be wearing a jacket to take a walk in JULY!! something about that just throws me off center! However, it is really pretty...and no mosquitos! But can you imagine the weather in winter! no way.

when I get home to upload, I'll have some pretty pictures ...and for us scrapbookers that is all that matters, right?

as you can guess the 'diet' is out the window! last night was dinner at Riley Steakhouse, YUMMMY!! clam chowder, garlic toast, hand trimmed NY steak, baked potato with cheddar cheese...yeah. Tonight, we are going to have another couple over (friends of the in laws) and dungeness crabs.

Today, while the boys hop on over to the nearby Indian Casino, Carita and I are going shopping in 'old town'. We drove thru yesterday, very nice seaside town.
Wonder what Adriana 'needs'...ha!!

Yesterday, they took me a scrapbook store in town...and it had a good selection! It really specializes in cards, stamps and such, and her samples were awesome! She actually let me take a picture of a set she was throwing out..for inspiration for a product I bought. I was expecting just 'old' product..but I picked up some good stuff. Can't wait to go home and play! If I lived here, I'd be going to her classes and crops, there is also a big quilt store and a bead store that offers classes. (guess I should reconsider wanting to live here) nah! still too cold!

I'm sure I can find these things in the DFW...where we are presently planning to retire...hey, where the grandkids are, that is where we are going. (DS talks about moving to FW)..and dd and dsil are already there!

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