Thursday, July 29, 2010

long time...

this has been a busy month at work, lots of govt forms and stuff. But, one by one, was able to get through them. Was able to 'wipe off' the last one, the quarterly census, off the white board yesterday! F R E E D O M !!

AND TWO odd issues from 2007 to deal with. One a customer who realized their po's were wrong and so they ended up paying tax. So they want us to refund them and shortpay our present taxes to the State. UMMM, no, your mistake, you appeal to the State and I don't 'jerry rig' my returns. I am sure if you go to the State and say, "hey, my purchase orders were incorrect 3 years ago"...they would be more than happy to audit you. But I ain't lying on my forms!

AND the City of Vallejo informed us that because we sold $200 of product to them in 2007, we are required to file a business license with them! WHAT! The reg they cited has to do with contractors doing work in the city, but they are saying it also covers companies that ship! I've heard they are bankrupt and desperate, but YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!

So, I'm a little behind in prepping for the monthly close....I've usually got all my spreadsheets ready to just 'plug and go'...oh well!

And I'm off for the rest of the month, 2 days, an eye doctor appt this morning and my bookkeeping at the church on Friday.

What to do? since my eye dr appt is in Modesto, think I'll go SHOPPING!!

I've signed up for Fri/Sat all day crops at Santa Clara Expo, so need to start planning/packing. I ordered pics from the cruise, just the first 2 stops, Rome and Monaco...over 100 pics! So, guess I'll concentrate on those lo's.

And of course, there is plenty of housework to keep me busy. Been cleaning window sills and casings (fun, fun) half done, can finish the other half. AND been thinking about re organizing my kitchen cabinets. There is a thread on 2 Peas, called Branches, that is inspiring me. ahhhhh man!!

Over the past weekend, did reorganize a bit in my scrap room. Actually, moved more to mom's suite to make room. Pretty soon, that suite will be an extension of the craft room, one corner already is! ha!!!

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