Friday, July 9, 2010

will I finally 'do it'

I've had this sitting on my scrapdesk since the weekend..I pulled out a piece of the Webster's Pages I've been collecting. I think it is perfect with the pic...but oh, will I actually use it? these papers are so darn pretty!!

Feels like its been a looooooong week. So ready for today..though I have my church duty, and a guy is coming to fix our alarms. We've been having them go off in the garage...but the rest of the day...hmmmm. There is a slight possibility of going to see Eclipse. I plan to make enchiladas for dinner. My enchiladas are very plain, no spicy for me, so I figure they would be okay to take as leftovers and share with Adriana tomorrow. Yay!

Saturday will be an Adriana day, her parents are taking a friend to Yosemite! Gotta feeling I'll be exhausted...but I can't wait! I haven't seen her since Weds, for her dad's birthday...and I am having withdrawals...ha!!

I'll share one of my fave recent pics, I was sitting there taking her picture (again) when she came up and sat on my lap and gave me this look...what do you think she was 'saying'? teehee.

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