Sunday, January 15, 2012

a lesson...

On Friday, I dropped off Shelby to be fixed and microchipped. Now, I am not one to even ask 'how much'...I just figured it would cost @200.00...that sounds reasonable, right? I dropped her off they asked, Do you want blood you want the extra pain meds for $ you want a free tatoo near the incision, so other vets will know at a glance she's been fixed...sure!

On Saturday, we go to pick her up ...$ 550.00!!! that blood work...$170.00

Now, I was thinking it was some pre-op blood test...nope it was a full screen panel. (she is good, by the way)

And a li'l extra charge cuz she is obese. She weighs about 80 lbs...doesn't look fat...but guess there were some layers of fat where they were operating.

Oh, DH was pretty angry...told Shelby if he 'had known this was going to cost over $500, he would have left her a woman'

lesson learned, esp when dropping off a dog at the vet, ask 'how much', 'why' and 'is it necessary'.

Oh, she is doing fine...she is running around and not taking it so easy, and she has the plastic "flower" collar around her head...but the stitches look real good...and she is in good Yesterday, she looked like she felt pretty betrayed.

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Sarah said...

Oh my gosh what a nasty surprise. I'm glad Shelby is okay but $550! That's like dropping of your car and they do all sorts of stuff to it when you're gone then send you the bill. Ouch! I will remember this when I take my cat down to the vet next time!