Saturday, July 14, 2012

making plans

It's Sat morning, and I have no 'plans'..nothing on my calendar, so hoping to make it a big day in the scraproom.  Lots going on in there, I have ATC's to make for the July Swap...been working on those calendar pages ...and need to design some 6x6 pages.  

Our church is/was having a fundraiser called rent a teen - I signed up but never got a call.  I was going to have the teen help me assemble the pages.  Oh well, I'll be working on that today.  So far I've printed the pics for Adriana's 2011 book and I think I'm going to take pics for dd and dsil's first book...another one I started but haven't finished.

ALSO, I leave for Houston next week, and my sis and I plan to scrap 'a lot'.  Sooo, I've been printing pics and need to pick out papers to take.  Good thing I fly Southwest, I can bring an extra suitcase for free.  ha!

We are also going to stop at the By Design scrapbook store in Clear I am flying into Hobby...I'm so excited (insert happy dance smilie) as it has been a looooooooooong time since I've been to an LSS.  All the LSS's closed around here.  So, I have the chain stores, Michael's, Joann's, Beverly's for scrapbook shopping...and I do a lot of online and I am in 2 kit clubs (to get the new stuff) BUT it will be wonderful to go to an LSS...siiiiiiigh.

ALSO, I need to scan old family photos for my sis.  After my grandmother passed, a cousin sent us the pics from her collection.  Many of them 'unidentified'...

like this, the only 'clue' I have is on the bottom of the matt is imprinted "New Castle Ind"  Don't know if this is my Dad's maternal or paternal...also could by my grandma's...she was a step-grandma, as my biological grandma died when I was 2 years old.

I guess that is one reason I scrapbook, so my kid's kids will know...and not have these 'cool' old pictures not knowing who the people were.

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