Sunday, July 1, 2012

got to craft!

this is the final card for the swap, actually finished them a while ago, just haven't upload pics... Got to do one of the progressive challenges on They are like a Simon Says for scrapbooking. I enjoy these, many of the steps are tutorials to learn new techniques and new ways to make your own embellies. I feel like these challenges stretch me.
oooh, my pic is sideways, but its not in my album...hmmmmmm lets see how this works. I also put together the first draft of my "May" for the calendar swap.
I have a new crafting rule, "If you think its done, what else can you add". As I find I am such a simple, hmmmmmm, what else? Today I may be babysitting the Boo. Looks like all the young adults may be joining my Bro in law in his boat one a lake...yay!!! Hope it works out!!

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