Saturday, July 28, 2012

Just got back from Tejas, Houston that is

Got an opportunity to visit family in Texas!  I LOVE any chance I can get to go there!  This time it was Houston, for my mom's 80th birthday.  We planned a li'l celebration, me, my Uncle flew in from Reno...met with my ex bro-in-law and nephew and my sis and her family....Because mom does not want to go anywhere, we decided to eat in at her place.  She stayed in her room.  She does not like one of the guests, I won't say who, and hid in her room.  FINE, we went out to Escalantes instead (if you are ever in Houston, go to Escalantes for that white queso...and the chicken enchilada suiza...oooooooooh myyyyyyyyy.

The rest of the week was spent with my sis, scrappin', shoppin', eatin' and nappin'...a GREAT vacation.  Mom did stay in her room most of the days, but since I 'bunked' with her at night, that is when we had opportunity to visit.  She told me to 'shut up' so many times, I finally told her, "I've heard shut up more times this week than my entire marriage" (28 years)...aye yi yi...gotta love her.

Oh, my neice, Lexi just got a maltipoo.   I spent a lot of time spoiling her...her name is Tadum...but I called her fuzz-le-ball...or just fuzz-le.   My sis started to call her cotton ball.   BUT that is the most adorable dog I've ever run into...all 3 lbs of her...I seriously wanted to bring her home.  But dh would never let me, and my 11 year old cat Percy would not like it.  Heck, at 16 lbs, all Percy would need to do is sit on her.

I did finish 2 scrapbooks, my dgd's 2011 book and my dd's and dsil's album volume 1.  

I take so many pics of dgd, I've decided to limit my yearly books to a layout (or 2 page layout) per month.

Also worked on some ATC swaps and the 6x6 calendar swap.  Will post pics when I upload.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE visiting Houston!  My sis took me to her fave restarant Eurasia twice.  and we went to Cracker Barrel for chicken and dumplings, and of course had to have a Kolache and Whattaburger run.   My last night, I went to Beaudroux's for etouffee...and brought home boudain for me and dsil.   I do Love visiting Houston, but it does nothing good for my waistline!  

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