Saturday, August 22, 2015

'fess up Friday, a day late...ha!

I've decided to do a 'fess up Fridays for my scrapbook shopping.  I was doing sooooooo good in 2015, then Expo opened a floodgate of shopping...before, during and now after.  So I figure if I log it, have to see it, maybe I'll slow it down.  So, 'fess up Friday for the week ending Friday Aug 21...

Amazon had these MME cards on sale...from @ $3 to $ of course had to pick up a few packs.
But look, even as I took the pic of the purchase, I had a layout that I could use one on!  Now that layout pictured is not yet glued down (I wasn't sure about the yellow)...but that Memories card did work!

There was a thread on 2 peas refugees about taking apart your kits, and someone linked in about these for storage...not sure if they will work for me for kit storage,esp at @$9 for a pair...but thinking good for kit taking to crops....and this upcoming crop, I do need to pack 'kits' as I am not going to have much space.

And of course, Newton's Nook...siiiiiigh.   I have a Newton addiction.  I mean isn't the business card they sent adorable.   "Hope you enjoy getting your paws inky" picked up their dies that go with a stamp set I have...and of course mermaid stamps.  I seem to have an addiction for all things mermaid these days.  

And here is a b-day card I made with another mermaid stamp set.  The one I got at expo...though the fintastic birthday sentiment came from Newton.  The colors are copic, except the tail..that is Spectrum Noir... and the background is gelatos...I do love them gelatos.   One Expo class I am really glad I took.

And used mermaids on these layouts.  Same pic going in each of the granddaughter's books.

the one on the left is Mermaid Anya...and the other is one I got at Expo...can't think of the name...sooo cute!   

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