Monday, August 17, 2015

Pocket Pages from Friday Expo

At Expo, I like to bring a different project per day.  Maybe I have a slight case of scrappin' ADD and would get bored with 3 days of the same project.  Day one was my oldest dgd's 2014 book and Friday, Day 2 was Kyleigh (dgd#2) 2014 book.  I am doing her in a partial regular 12x12 and pocket pages...Dgd's #1's first year was 3 books I am hoping if I do pocket pages, I get more pics in less pages.  So far, I seem to be doing okay with it...only one book so far, and I am in October.

This was the first I did over the weekend from a trip to Oregon, needs some journaling

this is full pocket pages.  I find I take more time doing these than regular.  But I should use more of the cards made for pocket pages, and then maybe I will take less time.  I sure buy enough.

While at Expo, had the chance to use some tools at the tool station.  Used the Cricut, I bring my own matt, but only once.  This is one of the first crops where I did not use the cricut a lot.  But my Gypsy is broken, I cannot get the images to size...note to self, see if it can be fixed.  siiiiigh

Also used the wireless photo printer, Canon it was so cool.  I have an Android, so had to download and App, set up the wireless and printed my pic.  It is the one of my grandson you can see in the blog header.  If only I had wireless at home, I would seriously consider it.  (I know so dark ages, only landlines at home)

But I did buy myself, from Amazon after the crop, a new embosser... Cuttlebug...wanted to use one at Expo, but one of the plates 'walked away'...but I did watch the volunteer use the electronic embosser. 

I looked around the Expo, but could not find any for sale.  Got this because I am still on the old red Sizzex at home...hoping this is more portable ... I've only embossed, not cut yet,  I do like it so far...

This weekend my grandaughters came over and we did a li'l crafting.  I have a small table set up for Kyleigh, the younger...but she made an 'executive decision' and moved her stuff to my workstation...guess she likes the pink rolling chair.

As long as she was 'crafting' I did not mind, okay, I did not mind at all...she is too adorable to get mad she did play with stickers.

and here is the page Adriana made...she prefers to take a pic and surround it with stickers, stickles and bling... 

Okay, next post will post some pics of the pages I made for dgs #1's new book.  Finally started!  

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