Friday, April 1, 2016

joining a blog challenge

from the 2 Peas refugees board...the goal is 21 blog entries this month...and visiting other blogs

2 Peas Refugees Blog Challenge

The last week of March was this the month that is a roaring lion in the verse??

Last Friday, my son and dil awoke to discover their car was stolen.  Everything, car seats (they had 3)...diaper bag and dil's wallet that was in diaper bag, garage door opener...all gone.  So they had to frantically come up with solutions.     And son is scheduled to leave on a business trip on they had to deal with that also...and 3 kids.   Car has since been found...a town @40 minutes away...stripped.  Insurance is deciding if it is to be fixed or replaced.

Then they started getting sick.  I think it was the Tues before, oldest dgd had a fever and headache, but was better within 24 hours.  By Thursday it was 2nd dgd (2 years old) Saturday it was dil.  Then by Monday...Roseola for both 2nd dgd and dgs (4 months old)...So dil is doing it ALL without son, with sick kids and their high school exchange student is visiting for the week.  She is not allowing me to come over because I babysit my other grandson, and she does not want me exposing him.

So far, no signs of roseola over here. (fingers crossed)

but don't think it is over...

Tues afternoon, Fil was rushed to the emergency room!  Mil found him unresponsive and foaming at the mouth.   Long story short, he is still in the hospital...for lung infection, dehydration and a heart murmer. Originally should have been out today, Friday, but is looking like he is going to be longer...  He is 82 years old, very weak  and down to half a lung,(emphysema (lifelong smoker)  he is also on oxygen and on a scooter.  MIL is not in the best of health either and does not drive.

So, DH has been driving MIL to hospital all week and not going to work.  Okay for him, except it is a family business and his Brother, my Son in Law and Son are all at the same tradeshow in Kentucky...till Saturday (son comes home) ...and Sunday (others come home)  So, it has ALL fallen on dh as far as taking care of MIL ,,, and their business partner Art to run the business.

And also, DH is sick.  It hit him Tues night.  It is the cold I had earlier this month...the one dubbed "the Zombie Plague".

yeah, the family has been 'rocking'  and 'reeling' this past week.

But April is here and it is only gonna get better, right?

I tried  singing this morning,  cuz you know, something about it being over when the fat lady sings.... this song came on KLOVE this morning and it is so became worship.

How He Loves

(ignore the is kind of odd...but the words...oh myyyyyyy)

  I am going to find time to hang out in my craft room and blog about it, right?

I did make a big Amazon purchase this week, filled with some organizing aids.  I really want to tackle the growing project life cards.


Melissa Priest said...

Oh my gosh! Y'all have been hit hard lately! New month, new chance for things to start getting better!

Thanks for playing along on my challenge!

BehindtheWoodVeneer said...

TWENTY ONE POSTS! Let's do this! :D

Amy Vanden brink said...

Oh wow! What a month, I'm hoping April is a better/easier time for all of you!

darkchami said...

Yikes. I really do hope things get better quickly for you and your family.

LisaDV said...

So sorry your family is having such bad luck. Good luck on organizing.

stefani said...

I hope that April is a better month for you and your family.

Stefani | Dreams of Nyssa