Tuesday, June 21, 2016

exhausting...and something I've discovered

So, I kinda left this blog in a 'series'...a challenge from my pastor.  Was going to finish it up on Saturday, but discovered something about myself.  I don't spend much time on the computer weekends.  Esp this past weekend.  So hopefully I can finalize it...sometime...

Not today, I am too exhausted.  I've had 2 days of babysitting with grandson.  He is teething, all 4 molars...and he is very grumpy and at momnts  not a lot of fun.  I mean he is still adorable, but keeping up with him right now is exhausting.  He's also figured out a couple of new tricks.  Opening doors and getting past his barriers.  Today was a new one.  Won't go into detail, but thought of his MiMi (son in law's mom) and how she said she still has a nervous breakdown thinking about son in law as a baby/toddler.  Yeah, just gonna say this is definately his kid...and I cannot take my eyes off of him.

I mean as I type he is in his playpen within arm's reach.  Watching  Baby Einstein.  Time for ear plugs.  He is seriously such a love, but today and yesterday very exhausting.

But our fault, we threw his morning schedule off...yesterday by taking him to the dentist....today by taking him to give mil a ride to the grocery store and to her home. So, there has not been a real naptime, just falling asleep a bit in the car.

She is now staying with us for part of the week.  Usually with us for weekends and the weekend family get togethers we may be having.  This weekend it was a father's day spaghetti fest (my dh makes the best spaghetti sauce)  Next weekend we are invited to a friend's home for Saturday night dinner.  Think he wants to bring out the smoker...

It works out well for all of us.  It has to be hard for her to be in her empty home. It has been difficult for me  to drop her off, I see his things and it just brings it home that he is gone.   She talked about how she has not even been able to take care of fil's clothing from his closet.  We discussed that she might give his sweatshirts and stuff (mostly Marine Corps related to the great grand kids).  I think that is something they will all enjoy and use as they hit their teens. 

I cannot imagine what she is going through. 

Okay, tonight I hope to prep some pics and get back to blogging my passion...grandkids and scrapbooking!  ha!

Scrapbook trivia, a while back I had the chance to watch most of The Visit by M. Night Shyamalan...in the beginning while the kids are traveling to see grandparents they had never met, did you catch what the brother said?   Something about "we don't know anything about them...what if they scrapbook??".... yeah, you could only be so lucky.

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