Saturday, June 4, 2016

Scraproom status...June is gonna be fun

Here is a pic of what you see when you open the door to my scraproom....

 The door to the left is to the bathroom and it is in the process of being 'revamped'.  Dh says the tub/shower wall was 'wonky' so it needs to be redone.  Also, there were a couple of toilet leaks over the he wanted to make sure all was well under the floor tiles.
 We decided to turn it into a shower only.  It is California, land of the droughts and taking a bath is rare.  So, we went for it.  Not sure if it was right move for resale.  Think I want to do the glossy white subway tiles in the shower, still thinking about the floors.
My fairly undisturbed sink area.  Keeping the sink and beadboard.  Want to maintain a farm/country look in the room.  Plus I still like the peach champagne color walls.
 And all the stuff in the hallway.  The guys originally put it in my scraproom...ummm, nooo, I am going to use my room during this remodel.   Dh told me to go ahead and tear down the plastic barrier as needed ...they will just put it back up when they work.
It is coming down tonight, dgd#1 is spending the night and we will probably be working in there...

Today is a busy day, babysitting dgs#1...his aunt is flying in so I will not be the official babysitter next will be working on the accounting stuff I do for my dh's companies next week.   Tonight dgd#1 is spending the night...and tomorrow after church I babysit the other 2 grandbabies.  So, a fun grandkid filled weekend is in store for me.


karagolby said...

How exciting...keep us posted with updates.

LisaDV said...

Fun and exciting times with renovations, but more importantly - grandbabies!! Hope you had a great weekend.