Thursday, June 16, 2016

Scripture Reading Challenge day 3

The challenge this week is to read the same 10 verses from the Bible, twice a day for the week.  I chose 1 Timothy 1: 1-10...reasons listed in the day 2 blog

I know, I am writing this on Thurs not Weds.  We did not have internet last night.  Yes, it was a very odd night, but a good one also.  Without the distraction of internet I read a few chapters of my book by RC Sproul , a commentary on the Book of Acts.   Which worked really well, as I went over the chapters about Paul's time in Ephesus...which takes me back to my challenge.

So, Tues night, I decided to read the verses that my Legacy Bible referenced in the passage.  Which took me to Romans 6...a lot.  Now, I have a 'history' with Romans 6.  Almost 30 years ago the church we went to was Mt. Hermann AME in San Jose, CA.  One year, Pastor Hyatt asked me to represent our church at a convention...they have a Mrs AME contest...kinda like a beauty pageant...anyways, one of the questions was your favorite verse.  I chose Romans 6.  and even Tues night as I reread just brings a smile to my face.  "We are no longer enslaved to the sin nature". or as Mel Gibson  in Braveheart...Freeeeeeeedooooooommmm!!!!!

Weds morn, read it in the NIV.  So far that makes The Tree of Life version, the NKJ and NIV.
(I like the NIV).   Weds night, read it in the ESV, as it is what my Daily Bible app is on, cuz it is the one our pastor is using. and my phone is my 'church' Bible...ha!

I like reading verses in the different translations.  For me, it helps sometimes  to see the different wording used in the translations.  I know some struggle that there are so many translations.  But from what I see, as Hank Hanagraff puts may be different but not substance.  I am half Japanese, so I know that there are times there is not translation from word to I have no issue that the 'words' are not the same.  One of my favorite Bibles is a New Testament that has 8 different translations side by side.   But gotta admit, I 'lean' more on the translations that are by a group of scholars as opposed to an individual.  I may read something like the Message, but it is not my primary learning Bible.   (and since I am talking about the Message, think I will make that my version for today)

I know I am going backwards, but what 'hit' me was what was said about the law (or Torah in Tree of Life)...vs 8  We know that the law is good if one uses it properly. or ESV  Now we know that the law is good, if one uses it lawfully

leads to the question...what is proper or lawful use of the law?

I have been listening to Ravi Zacharias this week.  Just gonna leave you with this....

pretty cool!  He also tackles a question about denominations.

Okay, let's keep studying and looking.   I am enjoying this challenge.

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