Monday, March 13, 2017

couldn't take it much longer...

I missed my scraproom sooooo much.  Then a couple of weekends ago, a friend and longtime resident of this town (he has been here over 50 years, grew up here), told us that our 'lake' could be out there till May or June.   May or June!   The river has been sitting at @49'.  Not rising...but not going down significantly either.

So, this week, I started bringing some of my scrap stuff, the stuff packed like I was going to a crop, back home.

So, here it is..semi set up.  We still may face a flood.  If the snow packs (which are at 170% of normal, does a fast melt).  So, it is still at a 'ready' to be packed up quickly.   The rest of the room is still 'up'.  It is sooooo difficult, I just want to unpack and get my room normal!

Yup, it is a mess.  But hopefully a workable mess. But to me, a beautiful mess.

I did work on a project on Sunday, some decor for dgs #1's birthday party.

I am liking the table that come out of the wall...and that may stay.  Or something similar. Wouldn't it be great to have a true island, that I can park the carts under.
(thinking cap)

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