Sunday, March 5, 2017


Yes, some people, even when their scraproom is packed up awaiting a potential flood, will still go to Expo.   This week the river is hanging at 49' (52 is flood) and though it has been dry and going the right direction...we will wait to see how the snow melts affect the river before we go back to 'normal'.

So, what does  said person do with all her purchases?  There is no where to put them in her room?  Why, she leaves them in the bag so she can take them to Crop Camp!  duh!

Though I usually go to crop..that did not work out this year. (still hoping for Santa Clara).   But, my dgd, Adriana went with me for a shopping morning.  LOVED it!  I can't wait till she is old enough to crop.  When we walked into the Expo, she told me, I love shopping like this!   Yup, me too!

  The cool thing about going with a 7 year old, is she did want to stop and do the make and takes.  I usually skip them, I'm too busy cropping and shopping.  But guess what, the vendors sure do know good tips about working with the tools.    I had given her some money to spend, as a thank you for helping us out with the sandbagging.  She is very frugal when it is her money.  ha!!  (Dave Ramsey principles in action).

Copic blending tips

This man was wonderful, she spent $4 for the make n take...I spent over $40 for the tools and glue, but I can now put crystals and tiny sequins on my crafts!!  Sparkle!!!

My haul, first time with the paper PhotoPlay...and I LOVE it!  Hope they are in Santa Clara.  Of Course, more Echo Park and Queen and Company..(dgd and I will share the flairs and blingy letters).  Not pictured, I bought a few items at Queen for my other dgd, who at age 3, was a little too young for a day at Expo.  And dgd's purchases.  

After 4 hours of shopping, we did take a french fry break halfway, my Missy was pooped.  We are at the Corner Bakery waiting for our pasta.   oooooh, that Pesto Cavatoppi !! she had a marinara linguine.  

I got to see most of my scrap buddies, except one, she was in classes.   Overall a fun exhausting day!  

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