Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cut Loose

so, yesterday was a miserable 'allergy' know how those go. Just felt like a drippy, sore throat, piece of ca-ca. Did get more functional toward late afternoon, evening.

I did get to 'babysit'..and I say that loosely, I watched tv and listened to the monitor while Adriana, Nyki could run errands and Jason could finish working in the backyard. But, when Adriana woke up...I did get to spend a li'l over an hour with her...can I just say it...she is sooooo ADORABLE!!!!

I then came home and with my hot tea in hand...watched Sabrina. I LOVE both versions of this movie, the one with Audrey Hepburn and Julia Ormand..(I think thats her last name). "I have been following footsteps all my life, save me Sabrina Fair, you are the only one that can"...siiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh....

I've always been one who saw color combinations in movies, esp used in home interiors. Something dd and I always did. But what I noticed this time, is I was looking at elements of design...such as in Linus's office. Ever notice the glass etchings..the solid square within the open square? or the big slate looking art behind his desk. It is nothing but one color...gray...but there is something to it...I can't describe it...that made it art! (Reminds me of a Sarah Jessica Parker movie I started to watch, she was an 'artist' who only painted one color...)

so, where am I going with this odd rambling...I got myself a copy of "Cut Loose" by Crystal Jeffery Rieger. One of my fave GASC classes last year was her Prima class.
And within the first chapter..I got rethinking scrapbooking..perhaps I can discover 'art'!! so, I'm thinking, I'm going to start doing the challenges in her book. and maybe someday, I'll create one of those 'art journals' that I love seeing other people do...maybe!

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Sarah C. said...

I love how we notice new details in things (such as movies) when we look again. Especially when they give us a little boost of creative mojo. Can't wait to see what you create with these challenges.

And glad to hear you were able to enjoy a little time with Adriana. I bet she is just getting cuter & cuter. :)