Friday, April 23, 2010

waiting, waiting....

Tomorrow is Adriana's birthday party...her parents are preparing, so I get to babysit..and I am sitting here, waiting, waiting for her to arrive!!

her b-day isn't until the 27th, but tomorrow is the party...

my li'l cupcake is turning one!!

we got the pic above done at JC Penney
(we bought the cd, so its okay to post)(I think)
we went in with the other 2 babies from work to do these messy cake pics...Andreas was born late Feb, Adriana late April and London late May...the moms were 3 of our 4 preggos last year.

my weight loss is going well...down 27 lbs...but I'm sure doing it the slooooooow way! I guess when you want to keep eating what you like (only smaller portions) its gonna be that way. Don't get me wrong, I've given up a cake and rich desserts, soda, hamburgers...fries...mac and cheese (boy, I miss mac and cheese)but I haven't done anything really drastic with the food. Guess that's why its more of a 'lifestyle change' than diet. (learned that from
hopefully, making it more sustainable....we'll see!!

okay, gonna put on my duster slippers and burn some calories while I wait!

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