Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy more 'red' team on Biggest Loser!

So glad they are gone! So HOPE they really are...and the producers don't come up with a new way to bring one of them back.

Ddil watched the last 20 min or so with me (she normally doesn't watch BL)(this is my first season)...and after Melissa'a speech...she even said, "this is a test as to what kind of people they are...if they have a heart they'll keep Drea"

I told her about the cupcake episode and how most of them would not eat any and 'play the game' I was hopeful. Though, I am still hoping Michael and Drea go next. (cuz they did eat cupcakes, though not as many as Lance)

At the end, Melissa was all 'teary eyed' saying she has 'learned what is most important'...pbbbbbbllllllt...I was yelling at the tv "No One CARES!!"

I left before the show finished, ddil asked "don't you want to see her finish her marathon" pbbbllllltttt!

I don't really have an faves on this show...maybe Sam...would like to see Ashley lose a lot of weight...but for now, just so happy, no more red team!

And they are Texans, I should LOVE them...but I didn't.

It feels like when our former neighbors moved. A few of us got together to 'celebrate'...we drank out of plastic champagne glasses then threw them against the fence...yeah, kinda like that.

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