Wednesday, April 21, 2010

exciting day at the 'ranch'...

this morning 3 or our neighbor's bulls crashed their way thru our fence. The neighbor told me that 2 of them were fighting and that is how they went thru. So, we had bulls in our yard. Dh had planted permanent pasture, and the bulls were enjoying a nice fresh snack. I told him, "If you plant it, they will come"

Then tonight, a coyote made its way to the area between the stable and the house! Closest we've ever seen one. DH got out his shotgun and....shot in the air 3 times to scare it off. Still makes me nervous, and I'd prefer it if the dogs slept in the garage tonight.

yup, 'ranch' life, nothing like it!!

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glitzen said...

OH boy, I don't like coyotes. Or wolves. Yikes. Thanks for visiting my blog, yours is cute! Love the bull in the