Saturday, April 24, 2010

Stampin Up

has got some exciting stuff in their summer mini catalog...

smooch spritz, and paper that will 'magically reveal' their design when you use "our smooch spritz, aqua painter, or brayer and ink"

can't wait till after May 1...hope it doesn't sell out while I'm cropping that weekend!!

babysitting Adriana was a blast and exhausting! the only time she wasn't moving was when she was watching her baby Einstein dvd (well for most of it), while she was eating...and she only took a short, one hour nap (I was napping too!), I think I walked/ran a couple of miles throughout the day! gotta get this house a bit more baby-proofed!!

I almost did not give her back...if I only had a crib for her...

what is it about those grandbabies? I think when it is our kids, we worry... gotta worry about their character, education, health...all that stuff. When its your grandbaby, well, their parents get to do all the worrying and us grandparents get to simply enjoy the fact that they ARE!!!

I've gotten into some thinking/considering about my job of 'spoiling'. I know I don't want to spoil her with 'stuff'..that can create entitled little brats. I want to spoil her with 'praise' but that could lead to someone who is obnoxious and big-headed...I guess the spoiling will have to be with 'time'...???

I want to walk that fine line, I do want to spoil her, make her feel special...but I don't want to 'ruin' her. hmmmmm....

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