Wednesday, August 4, 2010

anyways, over the weekend something got me thinking...

We had another couple over for dinner. During the course of the conversation, dh shared a 'compliment' I had given the young lady earlier. I just commented on one of her strengths as a Christian. Her ability to be compassionate and love people and simply believe God's word. So, Michael repeated this to her...and made the comment, "And you can take that to the bank, because, Karen does not compliment ANYone, I should know".

to which I replied, "Well, I WAS raised by Ayako" (my mom is a pretty negative person, always complaining and pointing out the bad about everything)

But he is right, I'm not as bad as my mom, where I will 'look' at people and have something bad to say...but I also don't compliment/praise the people around me.

So, I've added to my daily journal the line "compliment" and am going to make it a point to say something to at least one person every day.

Yesterday, it was Betsy. She handled an odd accounting situation perfectly, and it balanced just right. So, I went to her and told her that. She looked so startled and confused....aye yi yi.

oh, my journal, because I let July get so out of hand, I am back to keeping a daily checklist of disciplines. Included are things like taking my vitamins, daily exercise, Bible reading, leaving for work on time (which I'm pushing with this blog entry) and now a daily compliment.

I'm not tracking food...but will if I start regaining. It's just a little tool to help me stay focused. Not gonna let August get away from me, and I still have weight to lose.

okay, gotta get going, I have 16 min till I gotta be out the door, and need to hang some shirts out of the dryer and pack lunch before I go!!

have a great hump-day!

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