Sunday, August 15, 2010

Long week, filled with family drama.

Don't want to go into it, but to summarize...Weds morn, get a call from the sis no-one else is talking to...did some research into her claims, 'called' her on it, screaming ensued, I hung up. Got an insulting text, and then she defriends my dd and I from her FB and leaves a post calling me evil. Later in the afternoon, got a 'what happened, I thought we were ok email'...All of which I ignored. Thurs there was an incident at her home, police were called. I think she has mental issues and is on a serious 'downward spiral'.

This all stems from a 'custody change order' she is pursuing. They go to court on Monday...please pray for my nephew, though he is 14 and has 'petitioned the court' the judge will not talk to him.

I don't understand my sister, esp the incident Thurs night...yes, she may physically restrain and legally keep her 14 year old son from leaving, now. But doesn't she realize once he becomes an adult, he won't have anything to do with her? He HATES her now...if she continues this does she think things will get better? My own mom is in 'hiding' from her. She does not even want this sis to know where she is living, mom left her cell phone here, and wants no contact.

In my sister's mind, it is never about her and her behaviour, its always because people are 'turned against her'. Yes, there is a natural 'pulling away' by teen boys with their mothers, but her s'mother mother techinques and this incident only magnifies that. But she will NEVER see it.

As a child, she was the family 'crybaby' mom says,whenever she was called into the office for her, it was always because the 'teachers don't like me', her 'victim mentality' started young.

As a young woman, she was diagnosed 'manic depressive', then she got in a car accident and after that got addicted to prescription drugs...she also did recreational drugs as a teenager. I blame the drugs for this break from reality.

Her reality is simple, she is always the victim. She needs a villian, and on Weds, I became it.

My other sis and I think she has NPD, and a co-worker who I've shown the text, FB post and email, thinks she may be paranoid schizophrenic.

I don't know, but caught in the middle is my 14 year old nephew...who wants to get away. He has already stated that if she gets custody, he is running away. Please pray for him.

thanks for letting me vent.

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