Tuesday, August 24, 2010

took a couple of days off work, and was real lazy this weekend

oh my! sooooooo lazy Saturday and Sunday...watched tv, read books, scrapped a very little. Almost tooo lazy. (though I LOVE lazy, pajama days)

then, spent yesterday with Adriana (to free up Nyki so she could finish a couple of projects with a looming deadline)...wow, no chance to be lazy at all. (I napped when she did) That little girl is active, active and active!! But sooooooo much fun. We did watch a you-tube video, "Wheels on the Bus" that features her favorite Baby Einstein puppets. She did not want to eat her carrots, so g'ma ate them. She is soooo funny, she does not share food very much, (kinda like her auntie Cierra) anyways, she had no trouble sharing those carrots with g'ma.

today, I took the day off. BUT I WILL NOT be lazy. I just put up a post-it to remind myself that the tv is only on for treadmilling. It is my weakness, if it is on, I'll become a slug.

So, I was reading blogs on Sparkpeople. I ran across someone who is on an 8 week challenge. Because I've been so un-motivated these past couple of months, think I'll go on my own 8 week challenge. So, starting today...for 8 weeks, I am going to focus...no more li'l cheats, like an 'occassional pepsi'...not for the next 8 weeks. I ordered Biggest Loser for my wii...looking forward to getting it. But in the meantime, on that treadmill or do boxing or something on Wii Sports. Plan menus again. I've actually done well with my August daily goals. well, some of them. siiiiiiigh

Tomorrow is my sisters' birthdays. Yes, plural, they are twins. I did send a card/gift to one of them. We have a 'tradition' of sending each other scrap supplies, the ones we 'overbuy' as gifts. A small bag of an assortment collected thru the year. For my birthday, she sent me a selection ( actually a big one of K and Company's Blue Awning) (one of her favorite collections) I used some for some of the pics from my cruise to the Mediterranian.

The other sis, I haven't sent a card yet. She's the one I had the big bruuhaha with a couple of weeks ago. I don't want to 'not' send her anything, as I am the only family who is still in contact with her...but I don't know what to say. I made some cards at my last Expo, and picked one to send...but...what do I write in it? I know she will probably just throw it away, and that's okay, if that is what she does...I just have to do my part, you know what I mean?

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