Tuesday, October 26, 2010

been a while, but its been a while for a lot of stuff

feel real busy and feel like I've been on 'hold'. kinda odd.

my exercise has been 'paused', but yesterday, I 'restarted'. Nyki wants me to join her for a Couch to 5k group (C25k)..but I don't know. I know, one of my 2011 goals is to run a 5k and I should be jumping at it...but...I don't know...

Looking so forward to Friday, though. I pick up dd and her hubs on Friday. Then we are having a family 'reunion' the following week. DH's extended family, except one bro and wife...I'm hoping to get in a trip to Reno to see my long-lost uncle, Uncle Duck. We'll have about a dozen people with several 'in and out's.

Got Wii's Just Dance 2, so I'll bring that to the reunion and hope to get the family 'dancing'...we'll see...ha!!!

So, my days off have been spent prepping the house for company...today's concentration...floors. Not looking forward to that, oh well! Better to do that stuff in the morning, right?

Also, a trip to the post office, to send off our ballots. We are 'zoned' for absentee ballots...its kinda 'eh'...cuz I understand absentees are only counted if there is something 'close'. So, in a way, I do feel 'gipped'...that my vote does not count.

But we send them anyways.

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