Friday, October 29, 2010

so, grandparenting...

yesterday someone told/asked me if I am spoiling Adriana...As he grandma, I don't want to end up spoiling her...but I do absolutely adore her. I kinda feel like its my job to make her feel like she is 'the reason God created people'...does that make sense? But I want to pass that line and have her end up 'full of herself' and a brat.

So, what is spoiling? Can it be with attention?

I was also told by a close friend that I 'spoiled' my kids. I don't see that. They did not get 'everything' they wanted. They are good, compassionate, responsible people; they don't have an attitude of entitlement...however, I was involved. I went to all their 'events'...I am close to them, even as adults. I basically treated them like they were 'the reason God created kids'...but also was one of those 'mean' moms when it came to character. They will tell you I was a 'nag'...I did not see it that way, I thought I was a 'consistent reminderer'..teehee

So, what is the boundary? I listen to my kids when they say, 'don't buy anymore clothes'...teehee I do tell Adriana, 'no' when she is doing something potentially harmful to herself or others. But I don't tell her 'no' if she wants to be picked up or carry her 'ki ki'

I dunno, but I did wake up with these thoughts in my brain.

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