Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lazy weekend so far...

Don't get me wrong, I did do my exercising Friday and Saturday. But, I've been house sitting this weekend, so had access to a dvd player. (our tv is not working and our dvd is 'hooked' to it), Friday and Saturday, I watched the 2nd season of The Tudors. I know its 'known' for the s#x scenes...but I found myself fascinated by the battle between the Catholic church and the 'reformation'. Now, of course the show concentrated on the political 'reformers' who were not truly motivated by the Bible and their conscience. BUT as an evangelical Christian, born of the ideals of the reformation, I was fascinated.

And GLAD that this country's forefathers had the foresight to give us Freedom of Religion, and that our country cannot make laws telling us who/what/how to worship.

I looked at the scenes of the Pope in Rome...and the phrase "Power corrupts, Absolute Power corrupts absolutely" came to mind. Not a slam against the Pope in particular, but that is just human nature and why we need accountability. Power is a drug...another reason I'm glad our forefathers created the built in accountability of the three branches of government..and a freedom of the press. (though all that seems a bit 'broken' these days)

I looked at the martyrdom of Thomas More. Though I don't agree with him dying for the 'Catholic church'...I can't help but admire his convictions. By saying an 'oath', he could have saved himself. He told Cromwell, "We are both dying, me now, you later" or something close to that. powerful.

BUT what if, what if we lived in that era, where most people were illiterate and all we knew about Christ was what the priests were telling us. Would I have been against the reformers? How those Catholics must have thought that Henry VIII was the antichrist and that it was the 'end times'.

Did you see how Cromwell used "the printing press and plays' to sway the masses? How like our modern media that is. Propaganda is certainly a powerful tool. Really saw this in action in our previous election. How SNL was able to shape the perception of Sarah Palin.

Another thing this made me think, how human nature has not changed at all. We all struggle with the same needs/desires/sins. We are surrounded by our modern technology, more comfortable homes, we are now 'literate'...we women have 'rights' that women in the past did not have...but the essential human nature has not changed. We are not 'evolved' in any sense.

And of course those thoughts lead to our absolute need for a Saviour. And how thankful I am to be an 'evangelical Christian' who can read His word and have a personal relationship with Him. This is THE essential, now, do I have the strength to die for that? Cuz Thomas More and I may disagree on particulars...but can we agree on dying for our convictions?

So, this has been a fascinating weekend watching the Tudors. Giving me a lot to think about.

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