Sunday, October 17, 2010


correction: my Uncle and new Aunt are from Latvia...well, my uncle is from Indiana, but lives in Latvia

We had a nice 69 year old uncle got an age '57' on my Wii fit plus, my new Aunt also scored 12 years younger and my cousin at age 32, got a '26'...guess the program was feeling 'nice'...ha!!! So, according to it, my 69 year old uncle is only 3 years older than me! poooey!!

We also did the Broadway Dance on the Wii. No videos, BUT the sight of my Uncle dancing to Hairspray's Good Morning Baltimore was so fun! (I told my son he has no excuses when we take the Wii to Tahoe for the family reunion)

AND my Aunt and Cousin danced to Timewarp from the Rocky Horror Picture Show! I was out of breath just watching them! okay, just laughing with them!

I got to see Adriana three times this weekend. I babysat yesterday morning, while her mom coached basketball then she joined us for dinner last night and she and her parents joined us for lunch this afternoon.

overall, a wonderful way to spend the weekend. Next weekend will be good too! got a crop!!

So sleepy, working tomorrow...gotta make up for my day off last week. ha!!!

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