Saturday, October 16, 2010

what an interesting week...

had a little 'episode'...I'm fine...but it was scary.

so, for the past couple of days I have not been doing any exercising, just taking it easy, and boy do my muscles miss it! I hope to do something, aerobics, wii stuff, yoga tonight.

I've got family visiting, they arrived late last night. Its really only for today, as they will leave Sunday morning. My Uncle Phil and his new wife, my new aunt, Irina from Slovakia and my cousin Aimee, who lives in So Cal. NICE to get the chance to visit, though they are all sleeping in right now.

I got to spend the afternoon with Adriana yesterday. Went shopping with her and her mom. OOOOH, she missed her nap, and boy did she get g r u m p y toward the end...but even grumpy she was still ADORABLE!

here's a pic at Baja Fresh, she HAD a white shirt under the coveralls BUT we had a li'l incident with a slurpee at Walmart...I can highly endorse bleach pens!! But as Nyki said, without her shirt, and just her overalls...she really did look like an "Indiana" baby..ha!!

she did not care for the black beans...they'd go in her mouth, get mushed a bit and then came right back out!

"uh-ooh" as the beans went down her clothes! teehee

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