Tuesday, December 28, 2010

what if...

During last week's 'female' appointment, my dr found a 'mass' in my pelvis/uterus/ovaries...(not sure which). So, today I go in for an ultrasound. Overall, I'm not too worried. Not liking the idea of having to drink 32 oz of water an hour before and holding it!

My sis has ovarian cysts, the dr said it could even be the hormonal imbalance caused by pre-menopause (i am at that age)...but, what if....

The song, Live Like You were Dying, by Tim McGraw has been going thru my mind.

What would be the 'important things', what would be my priorities?

Quite honestly, the 'lifestyle change' would probably be out the window. Think I'll be eating my chocolates, chicken and dumplings, mac & cheese, enchiladas with no guilt!! Savoring every bite. Guess I'll just need more pallbearers, ha!!

I would quit work, spending every spare moment with family.

I would finish those scrapbooks I started, cuz, that is the one thing my kids have said they would keep.

Maybe I would leave the Christmas trees up all year long. Since I love the 'lights' and dh has stated that Christmas decorating is 'not his thing'. That way, I'll feel like I'm leaving him something for next year. ha!!

hmmmm, What would be the important things?

And, I'm not looking at this as a 'downer'...but just reflecting...


Jake said...

When faced with such a wall the choices suddenly become so small. Better to wish for a good outcome and wait for results.
Best of luck.

Janet said...

I just got back a chest x-ray result yesterday. No more infection in my right lung but have a distended diaphragm. Have to have another x-ray next month. I have lupus and it has now been out of remission for the last four months or more. On top of that we are raising two of our eight grandchildren. But I will prevail and so will you. Will keep in my prayers.