Sunday, December 26, 2010

now that...

the frenzy of the holidays is over (unless you are one of those day after Christmas shoppers)...time to reflect.

I hope to start on my Shimelle's Journal your Christmas in the next couple of days.
I have not 'touched' it, except to look at her page and some of the layouts done by my fellow 'students'.

As we enter 2011, so many things... time for resolutions...where does one start?

My 'easiest' one is a resolution to finish my weight loss goal. My 2010 goal was 65lbs, but I stalled in June. I had lost 35...and I've been hovering ever since..BUT 35lbs was NOT the goal. AND I need to get back on track. Rediscover those disciplines that gave me success. I have been SUPERbad throughout, I'm gonna have to step on that scale and face the damage!!

Another, 'easy' one is to learn more about photography. I got a Nikon for Christmas, so of course, I took over 100 pics of my sweet-pie during the family get together Christmas Eve. Lets just say, when I pulled out the camera Christmas morning...she was coming up to me and pulling the strap off of my neck. Guess she had HAD IT!

My in-laws gave me a check to buy some 'scrappin supplies', so I went on Amazon this morning and got me some filters and a back up battery for the counts!! And I got a book, Digital Photography Basics by Jeff Wignall to get me started.

Sooooo many books, I counted over 1500 over a month, that has to be another resolution, doesn't it. How about instead of slugging on the couch in front of reruns...this year, I dig into the to be read pile.

I got myself some books for Christmas also...the Digital Photography, The Pioneer Woman's Cookbook, Secrets from the Southern Living's Test Kitchens... which leads to another 2011 goal

Becoming a good cook! I kinda 'fell' into that one in 2010, with the 'lifestyle change' of 2010; I had to step up. No more going out all the time, no more fast food, taking lunches to work...and since it is my special diet, I do more of the cooking these days. DH does special occasions, but for most of the years of our marriage, he did the cooking (I was good at opening cans and boxes)..HE is the better cook!!

But this year, we had a switch in roles, he took over finances, I took over cooking. Hey after 25+ years...its a good thing.

So, on that note, gotta go do my morning yoga...ya'll have a great 'in-between' week...time of organizing, reflecting and enjoying!!

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