Monday, December 13, 2010

that's what I call a weekend!

I got to babysit all 3 days!

Friday eve, it was so Nyki could do a li'l shopping.

Sat morn, my usual so Nyki could coach basketball and J could sleep in (he's a police officer on swing)

Sun, from 4pm to 10 pm, so they could go to J's work Christmas party.

Had sooo much fun. Last night was .... well, here is my story. And I'm sticking to it.

I could tell she was getting tired @8:30 or so, so I took her up to brush her teeth and go to bed. We were watching Elmo videos on youtube...and the final one was Andrea Boccelli singing a lullaby to Elmo...perfect setup, right? Ummmm, no. She cried and screamed. And she has a new skill, called climbing out of the crib. So, after quite a while of this, grandma gave up. BUT I told her 'no more Elmo, you watch White Christmas with me" she was yelling "Elmo! Elmo!!"

Whenever she would walk to the computer, saying 'Elmo, Elmo', I'd tell her "no, Elmo is night-night" But she enjoyed the little bit of White Christmas we saw, esp that Choreography number (one of my least faves)...AND she did the biggest #2 you can imagine. (no wonder she did not want to go to bed, if she felt that in "the queue").

She got in her Gunny-couch. The kids' 100 lb great dane. (I call him '100 lbs of stupid'). Anyways, she likes to sit against him when he is curled up on the floor.
Like the following picture from last summer. He starts licking her face, arms, hands, feet and she is laughing hysterically...just having a great time. (I'd be disgusted) It is amazing how gentle he is with her. Now, if I could only get her to be more gentle with him!!

So, its getting closer to 10 pm...and I KNOW I'm gonna be in trouble. So, we practice fake sleeping...leaning against each other and snoring. AND in walks, he is actually happy to see her, but we fake sleep anyways..and he asks all confused, 'you're pretending to be asleep?'. But it was over as soon as Adriana saw Mommy in the doorway...she actually pointed her finger at me and did her baby jabber. Being the mature grandma that I am, I pointed right back and said, "Uh uh, its HER fault!"

here is a pic of her from last night, she is so funny, during the family trip to Tahoe, whenever we took group pics we stood against a when I pull out my camera, she goes to stand against something for her 'picture'. Goofy girl!

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