Saturday, December 11, 2010

got back from Reno yesterday..

It was the annual meeting for dh's company that is out there. We usually stay/eat at the Silver Legacy, but this year they decided to go with the Grand Sierra.

Maybe we were there too early, but it did not seem esp 'Christmas' to me. The statue at the entry had a Christmas hat and some lights..but guess I was expecting a fabulous, bright oversized tree. ya know?

The trip was good, but could not scrapbook! We stayed in a 'Summit' room and it was soooooooo dark! Even walls were painted black..all of us said the first thing we all did was hit every switch in the room and STILL the room was too dark. We think its because 'high rollers' play all night and sleep all day? I dunno, but unless I was gonna set up in the conference room during the meeting, I could not scrapbook. darn. For this reason alone, I like the Silver Legacy better. (and the grandeur of the lobby tree.)

I got to babysit when I got home Friday evening and a little this morning. After not seeing each other for a week, me and Adriana had a great time. I kinda felt sorry for Nyki, she left me with a refreshed, just-napped toddler, with her hair pulled back in a perfect pony tail...and got back a sweaty little thing with her hair all wild...we had 'messed up' every room, toys, packaging paper, tupperware.. lots of fun. BUT, she had no problem getting Adriana to go to sleep!

Tomorrow, I get to babysit again...they are going to a Christmas party...all I can say is YAY!!

Then the rest of the week promises to be busy. But isn't that just the way it is in December? Any spare time is spent preparing. My schedule is way off, I don't have my Christmas cards out yet. I usually do a family letter, cuz I love receiving them, and had some problems with my printer. Oh well, don't sweat it, it will get done when it gets done. That's the advantage of almost being learn that the world does not end when you are off-schedule or things don't go the way you want.

We had dinner Friday night with a co-worker who just lost his father. He was saying how wonderful it was to have the opportunity to sit with his dad for hours and talk. And how his dad was saying, that the only 'important things are what you do with family'. His dad had the peaceful passing we all can only hope for. Talking to my coworker was so sad... and beautiful... and just...all the above. I lost my dad suddenly in a car accident, its been, wow, @18 years and there are days that there is just a hole in my heart. Luckily, my dad kept a journal, so my sisters and I got a little insight into his heart.

But the song by Reba McIntire, "The Greatest Man I never knew" is the most appropriate song for our relationship. Not saying my dad did not love us or care, but that he was of the workaholic, non involved generation.

So, this Christmas, hold your loved ones close and don't sweat the small stuff.

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