Saturday, January 1, 2011


though in many ways, 2011 looks kinda 'dire'. That's why I dislike watching the news. Can't understand dh's daily 'need' for it.

May the peace of God that surpasses all understanding fill you with a joy that transcends all circumstances. okay, my vesion of Phillipians...but you 'get' it.

On a personal note, the new year is always a time to create new perspective and yes, resolutions. I have never been able to keep any resolutions...but thru Sparkpeople, I have learned to set workable goals.


Long Term:
5k with dh in 2011
(a gal at church is starting up a Couch to 5k type program)

Health and Fitness:

Have more energy, Bring down my cholesterol
(the exercise, cutting fats from diet, and taking that Lipitor)

Friends, Family and Social Life:
Do More!!! I tend to be reclusive
(can start tonight with an Open House)

morning yoga, count calories on Spark, read/scrap/learn photog instead of tv sluggin'

fit into a sheath dress, wear a swimsuit

morning Bible Reading (been in the book of Matthew for months)
so, finish the Gospels and read a couple of books I have set aside
about 'spiritual' concentration will be to ask and answer
"Who is this man?" As Pastor Dusty challenged us to a few months ago.

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Janet said...

I like the last photo. I looked up sparkpeople and joined. I really like it. Thank you. Happy New Year to you too.