Saturday, January 15, 2011

Why am I up at 4 am?

Ugh, that's why. I need to get some things done, but here I am...rambling at the computer. I have not done my part 2 of lesson 2 on the camera, as I've had NO LIGHT (its been cloudy and rainy) and I've been working more days. End of December means end of month, quarter and year close. Which means Census forms and Taxes for both companies.

My weight loss is sloooow, I did step on the scale this morning, 2 more pounds! So, I'm almost at a grand total of 5...Exercise is the fun part. I got Gold's Gym Cardio for the Wii...boxing!! (Amazon was having a New Year, New You sale, and got it for @$12. BUT, the one I'm doing most frequently is Zumba. I look like Frankenstein's monster trying to do those moves...but it is fun, and I sweat!! As long as dh doesn't set up a hidden camera...I'm fine.

Watching my food is harder. I think I've only been within calorie range, one day!
I do pretty good, then that last choice...sends my numbers over. Gotta 'tweak' so the higher cals are earlier...then I'm not so hungry at the end of the day.

I joined a Biggest Loser challenge on Spark. Hopefully, that will keep me motivated.

Oh! if you are interested in the Photography Class at 2peas, they are re-starting it.
Here is the thread

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Janet said...

Good to hear from you, been awhile. Good early morning, well not so early now. lol :)