Sunday, January 23, 2011


I was gone on a 'super secret mission' the past week. Feels good to be home, But in between my duties, I did get to scrapbook a li'l bit. And got to an Archivers. I used to be able to spend a couple hundred dollars there, but this visit...hmmmmm, they just did not have the selection/bargains that I remember. I was a li'l disappointed.

Worked on my Shimelle Christmas album, had access to my sis's supplies. Though, I tried to make sure I did not use anything that was consumable, unless she gave it to me. BUT this girl has quite the punch collection; she was going to give me one that a friend gave her, a fiskers round punch, until I used it and she saw how pretty it was...ha!! That is also how I lost the chance to get her quickcutz tool. oh well! from now on, when she is thinking of giving me something, I will not use it in front of her!! and teach her how to use it!! ha!

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