Saturday, January 1, 2011


Been looking at the 12 weeks to Better Photography at 2peas.

the first 'lesson' is on, went out and took these..these were taken at the same time, from the same angle, just different apertures. I did crop the white pot out of all but the 22 pic...
the higher the aperture #, the smaller the opening, therefore the less light.

the highest aperture setting on my camera is 22:

I experimented with 16, 12, 11...but the highest you can actually see something is 8:

and the class said to go for 5:

then I thought, this is a 'smart' camera, why not see the auto settings, you don't always have to 'reinvent the wheel' afterall. right?

'macro' 5.6:

"landscape" 6.3:

now, from what I understand, the lower the aperture, the more focused the opening, the more detail in your subject and the background fades. So, the lower my aperture, the more 'rust detail' you should see, the less of the weeds and the shed.

So, can you see the differences..?? Personally, I like the colors in the last the best.

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