Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lesson 2 part 1: shutter speed

I was planning to scrap this morning, but my printer is out of ink, so, out comes my handy dandy binder with the 2 Peas photo class. Why not?

Today it is shutter speed, the higher the speed, the longer shutter speeds cause subject to blur, while faster speeds stop motion.

The lesson was to do running water in an indoor sink...BUT all my shutter speeds inside said 'subject too dark', so I had to go outside. Yes, outside where it is cold. My first round, I used a frog statue, that did not cause enough splash. 2nd round is the pig, but the 2 pipes in the background made the water flow difficult to see, so 3rd round is what I am posting. My camera and I may start sneezing from stepping outside so many times.

speed of 1/40 (auto mode goes to 1/60)

speed of 1/120 (125 is macro)

speed of 1/160

speed of 1/200 (as high as my S mode would let me go)

then I put the auto dial on Sports, got a speed of 1/500:

so, what do you think? can you see the action of the water being stopped?

think this is an important lesson for me, as my fave subject is a constantly moving toddler!!!

but the 2peas lesson 2 part 2 is about bringing balance between aperture and speed.

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Janet said...

Thanks for the lessons. I am really enjoying this. Personally I like how all the pictures look. The last seems you can see more of the water to me. Please keep posting these lessons. I learning while you are learning. :-)