Sunday, August 21, 2011

finally unpacked!

here's a pic of the materials from that Faber-Castell class...of course, I went online and bought more of the gelatos (really cool chapstick like pens that have a metallic color you can blend).

and here is one from the jewelry class...

of course, I bought supplies to make more...let's just say all the women in my family are getting a necklace this year. Already made my mom's, with some sunflower paper and just a touch of fine glitter.

And I have been scrapbooking and cardmaking also. Lots of events in August, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and baby showers.

YOu know what I've discovered? I simply don't have many stamps and supplies to make anniversary cards. Ya'll have any ideas? I've been looking around a bit, I esp like Stampin Up stamps (still like the wood)...but just did not see much.

Oh! and at the Expo I bought a Cinch 2. I've been seeing these online for $105...but got it for $75.00 and they also had 5 wires for $5. And guess what, yes, it is still in the box! Maybe I'd better make it a goal to play with it a bit today. Today is pretty free.

Until this evening, GOTTA watch the Glee Project finale. I like all of them but Alex. I'm still upset when Alex was being such a bully to Matteas and having that 'diva' attitude. I simply hate bullies. Okay, I hate bullying. I know bullies are people too and often act out because of their own pain...and I should have sympathy for them as people. BUT it is tough...cuz I just hate what they do. Growing up half Japanese in the late 60's and 70's in Houston, yeah, I had first hand experience with bullies. I like to think that the experiences made me stronger and more sympathetic to those who are 'different'...but sometimes, even at age 50, I still feel some pain and sadness. Oh well, gotta use the emotions as a reminder to pray for those people. I still remember their names...Tracy, Richard, Jeff, Humberto, Scotty....isn't that funny, I can tell you the names of my childhood bullies. I remember their last names too, but won't post them.

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