Friday, August 5, 2011

not much time...

for scrappin, but I have packed pics, pp's and embellies for the 3 day crop at the Santa Clara Expo! happy dance!!

But tomorrow, Saturday, hope to do the last 2 days of the colour/color class.
Finish a lo I've had on my desk...and do a li'l journaling for my weight loss book.

Then will need to finish packing for that Expo.

Had my Jenny Craig appt...their scales show a small loss...mine showed a slight gain. So, guess its a wash. I am having so much trouble eating according to plan. I just want to eat what I want to eat. I'm not binging, just not staying true to the plan. BUT doing the cardio has not been a problem. I so enjoy my Wii.

My consultant recommended I log hopefully keep me more accountable.

So, what to do at the Expo? I can bring non microwave breakfasts and lunch...but a li'l more difficult with dinner. Drink lots of water, bring Jenny snacks...and watch my portions when we do go out. Take an hour to hit the treadmills? Walk the floor a lot...teehee

Did get this done for the blue lo at color/colour..not cray about how I embellished...but its a start.

also played around a bit with ATC's...had the paper left over from a kit that had these vintagy/chalky ads. I think I used pretty much every bit of that pp.

and last but not least, part of a cricut page swap at made a couple of these for a kid's birthday theme...gonna do a couple of pages with Hello Kitty, and I'll be done, and able to mail. Made myself an extra of the Elmo for Adriana's recent birthday as she loves him.

At the crop I plan to work on another splitcoast swap, some ATC's to swap...and I took dd's trip to New York (gosh, was it in 1999?), my trip to Florence/Sorrento (from a cruise a couple of years ago) and pics to finish Adriana's book of 2010.

did I mention its 3 days..I'm sharing a room with a friend at the Hyatt...taking a couple of classes. AND we've got a table reserved (actually 2 tables) for our group. yay!!

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