Saturday, August 6, 2011

more of my house tour...

Last night, I got to babysit Missy-boo for a couple of hours. Mom and Dad went to an Open House at a local preschool. They are considering having her go for 8 hours a week. Pooh. I truly believe all babysitting should be done by grandma. Except grandma works 3 days a week. The kids are in the process of starting a business and the 8 hours would be a good time to put some quality time into it.

BUT, this afternoon, they are having a conference, G'ma and Missy are going out to run errands and to go out to dinner. (not good for my diet) but good for me!!
She has discovered the word, MINE!!! teehee. She proclaimed my doggy-bag was hers. It has cartoon drawings of puppies...and a multicolor zipper...I use it to take my non-refrigerated foods to work.

On Thursday, they got to babysit me. I ride to and from work with DH, he was running late to an appt, so he dropped me off at their house. (I did not want to sit around and wait. Of course, I LOVED it. teehee. They can babysit me ANYtime. ha!!

So, continuing my house tour....from the Princess Room you make a right turn and you are in the laundry room. In the original plans, this would be a wall shared with the garage. But we took those drawings, added a door...and created a laundry room, instead of a laundry corner in the garage. We added another door at the other end of the room. It has the potential of being a pass thru between 'wings'.

The color is a big compromise with dh. I wanted a passion pink or tropical blue, but those colors 'scared' I went with the spring green and (gasp) a white ceiling (only 2 rooms have them)...the cabinets are Ikea. The floors are cork, which I just LOVE. This is also the cat room, with boxes and food, so the floors are perfect and durable for that type of abuse.

on top of the cabinets are my blue glass and beanie puppies collections.

As you leave the laundry room, you enter the most used 'wing' of the house. You can also enter this section from the breakfast nook. This was originally a 3 car garage, but we drew into it an office, pantry, scraproom and in law suite.

The office is the most used room in the house. Esp for dh. Originally it was going to be his 'man cave', but my computer takes up half the room. We talked about moving me out, but then we would never see each other. The desks were built by his friend who used to own an exhibit company. In the corner you can see a log used as the leg. They are way cool. DH chose the paint color, a color called Thyme...I chose the khaki ceilings and the window treatment. Dogs playing poker...cuz the room was getting too serious.

(the chair by the door is Winston' human had better try to sit there...ask ds!)

We are getting close to the scraproom...but saving the best for last! ha!!

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I'm lovin' the pics of your home....keep them coming :)