Thursday, August 11, 2011

leaving for the Expo! and my scraproom...

I leave for the Expo this afternoon! I'm all packed, I've been all packed since the weekend, but always have that feeling I'm forgetting something...siiiiiigh. Looking so forward to going. yay!!

I'm doing all 3 days of cropping, 2 classes..and well, a li'l shopping! ha!!

So, we are on my favorite part of the home tour. The room that makes all non-scrappers go pale. Even scrappers, like my friend Michele, tend to get a li'l dizzy. My scrapspace. ha!!

I chose violet walls because I read somewhere that it was the color of creativity. topped it with pale blue ceilings and ikea cabinets and that wonderful ribbon curtain I found on Ebay. I LOVE this room. It was the one room that dh had absolutely NO I made it completely my own. teehee

The above side of the room was originally designed to be my mom's sewing center. I was only supposed to have half the room. And 6 years ago, that would have worked, as I did not have much 'stuff'. BUT the first time my mom moved out, I took over her half. and never looked back...ha!!

To the right of my scraproom is the in-law suite. Designed for my mom. She came to live with us when the house was built. She would do 6 months with us, 6 months with my sis. Then a couple of years ago, she moved out an undisclosed location. (she is in hiding from another sis) ANYways, family drama aside, all I can say is that she no longer lives with either one of us.

So, once she moved out permanently, this area became my she-cave. I do my exercise in there and, what can I say, scrap stuff started to spill over. Oh my, is that old bakers rack filled with cricut??? teehee.

I LOVE the paint color in there, it is from Ace Hardware called Drenched in Dew, the ceilings are a pale yellow...and the black furniture was my sister's mom brought it with her when she moved out here. We got the bamboo flooring at an auction. gorgeous.

Oh No! is that china cabinet filled with more scrapstuff!!!


here is the bedroom portion of the suite. My mom is Japanese, so this room was decorated with that in mind. The curtains are from Ebay...the walls & ceilings are painted SW Restrained Gold.

this accent wall was done in a treatment called Oriental orange color with a glaze on top. LOVE it...the furniture was my moms. My sis calls it 'early bordello' teehee.

last room in this wing, besides the pantry, is the suite's bathroom. I was going for a 'country' look with the sink and wainscotting on the walls. The color is Champagne Ice, a pale peach. I read somewhere that it was complementary for the complexion and I figured a woman in her 70's could use it!! ha!! This room also features a wall of my collection of Anne Geddes prints.

okay, we are done with this wing of the house. All that's left is the master bed/bath.

Sorry if the pics are a li'l dark. I just took my camera around the house one morning and did not do any 'staging'...just shot what was there.

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Just Jaime said...

Have a great time at the Expo! I love going to them with my scrappin' friends!