Saturday, January 11, 2014

1st 10 days...and a scrapbooking decision

Lots of time at work the first 10 days.  I am a general ledger accounting clerk, so the first part of the month is busy for me anyways...the first part of January can be NUTS!   As I am closing December, 4th Q and the year...but I am at the end of the tunnel.   Finally at the point where I am going back to my regular part time schedule...for the rest of this month.

I did regain/gain a li'l weight this week.  Last week I had an oh so slight decrease, this week a 2 lb bounce back.  So, I'd better get serious ... or 2014 is going to be another 'lost' year of weight loss/ regain/gain some more.

Did walk 3 days last week with my coworkers, but it simply is not enough to lose.   Really have to revamp my eating habits.   I am still going to Jenny's...but have not been faithful to the program for quite a while...and when I am, I, I KNOW that is what I need to do.  Its just soooooooo hard, esp when my kids are such good cooks...(insert whine)

Made a scrapbooking you know, I now have a 2nd granddaughter...

now, with dgd1, I did 3 albums of pics of her first, I'm thinking for future grandbabies, I am going to do a Project Life type of album.  So, hopefully I can do as many pics...though not as many pages...and get it all into one album.   So, before my Jenny's appt...I'm going to stop at Hobby Lobby and see what I can get with my 40%off coupon.   Also gonna print a Michaels coupon ...  I'm excited!   

(Gosh, it is hard to look at this pic, its been since Tues morn since I've seen the girls, and I miss them soooooo much...Grammy needs a 'fix'. 
  What am I going to do if we do move to NV?  guess I'm going to have to learn won't be the least we'll only be 4 hours away...but still....(insert another whine)

Today is a crop at the library....only from 12 to I am taking card making stuff and my Prima paper dolls. and will concentrate on those.   Also need to come up with something for my Sunday School class.  We start back up tomorrow,   not gonna lie, I did enjoy the break.   But did kinda miss the kids.

Speaking of scrapbooking, I got the new CTMH catalog yesterday...and I think I want every paper collection.   and quite a few stamps.   My first set of stamps from them, I did not like, they seemed overly sticky and I could not get the ink off them...but I recently broke down and bought a new set and these  I have not had that problem with...and it has become a fave 'winter' stamp.   (the one with the polar bears...)

I used it for the ATC card for the month of January for the calendar project the Sunday School kids and I did ...  but, I am always on the hunt for winter stamps that don't include snow or Christmas!! ha!!

But gotta say, I still love the Stampin Up wood stamps...and inks...

well, Winston is on my desk scratching at my stuff...gotta see what he wants...the stinker.

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