Monday, January 27, 2014

Wasn't I supposed to....

Stop buying book?  yeah, that worked out.
These are the books I have bought so far in 2014.

Amazon's recommend feature is just wrong...they know what I like...and siiiiiiigh...

here is my pile of to be read...yes, there is another pile behind the first one..

and how many books did I read in January?   Well, started 2...finished... none.

I'm off today, which means I will be doing the grocery shopping, litter boxes, laundry
and going to the bank.  Hope to scrapbook also.

but, dh is home from work.  Sooooooo, it is not going to feel like a day off.  You know whatI mean?   already I've been having to listen to cable news....I hate that stuff.  The samestories over and over again.   Depressing.   If he wasn't home, the tv would be on musicor ID tv.  oh well. 

I've got my 2013 receipts out, need to organize for taxes.  BUT I REFUSE to do that today.  Today is supposed to be my day off.  (stamping foot).   

Sunday school was a little awful yesterday.  It went long and I had 5 boys and they gota bit out of control.  I ended up telling them that they were getting out of control, and that they could go join their families downstairs.   A couple stayed and helped me clean, then ran the upstairs halls till Fred told them to stop. A couple did go to their dad, saw them leave early.
And a couple went to the main classroom with the little kids, know this cuz that is where I went
after loading up my hang out with Adriana.

Gotta rethink this class.  Do need help.  

Speaking of Adriana, while doing the craft with the kids, I cut my finger on my paper cutter.Now it wasn't bleeding when I showed it to Adriana, but here is what transpired...shewas sitting on my knee, watching the Veggie Tale video...

Me:  "I cut my finger"
Adriana:   "Well, don't get it on my new tights!!"

now, isn't a grandbaby supposed to say, Poor Grammy, let me kiss it better...NOOOOO not my boo, now when we got home after church, she did help me put a bandaid on it  (A Doc McStuffins bandaid.)


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