Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 in review

well, 2013 is done, time to face 2014

It has been an interesting year.  In many ways it feels like a 'lost' year and in others its been great.

Start with the great, Grandbaby #2, Kyleigh ...what can I say, she is wonderful, adorable and yes, perfect and all at 2months!   (just like her big sis).   These 2 grandbabies are the 'light' of my life.  ANYtime, ANY chance I get to spend with them is a real treat.  Oh, and their parents aren't so bad either.  ha!!!

My ds was promoted to Detective.  My ddil got her braces out, she looks great even after having a baby 2 months ago. AND they are the parental units of 2 wonderful, adorable and did I mention perfect young daughters.

  My dd is working for us and doing a great job, she is walking just about every day and has lost weight.  She looks great, super cute in anything she wears...but, I'm mom, I think she doesnt need to be that thin.
But she and another coworker do encourage me to get out and walk also....I'm the one huffing and puffing behind them.

 And my dsil has moved his offices to our front room.  He is still building their internet business.    He is on his last year of his Masters program.  THEN they move back to Texas, boohoo.  I simply LOVE having them here with us, and will truly miss them.  But I understand, their hearts are in Texas (mine too) and that is where they want to live.

Just yesterday,   Dsil saw an altercation at the Walmart parking lot, he ended up calling the police and made the comment that he 'felt safer in Iraq than he does in" our little town in North Central California.  Walmart does seem to attract the less than desirable.  THAT is why I usually shop there between 6am and 7am...when they are still asleep.

Dh did well with his skin (precancer) treatments from home.  BUT he is starting another round today.
We are doing well, making a conscientous effort to spend more time together.  

Had a terrific Christmas, had one hiccup, a regift from someone that hurt at first, but I'm okay with now.  (It was an f-you) (I threw it all away)  That's okay too.  It is always good to know where you stand.

My inlaws are living 'with' us, well on the property, My fil is preparing to go into surgery.  I feel pretty 'mixed' about this situation.   There is a looooong not so good history between us...and I gotta say it, having them in my life every day is not my first choice.

My mom  has been moved, as she cannot live by herself anymore.  Talk about looooong not so good history, so I cannot go into detail ....  One good thing, the case levied against one of my sisters and me has been closed.  We are getting a copy of that file.  We'll see how it all pans out, but at this time it looks like a "Joseph" thing,  from the Bible, 'what others did to try to harm us, may actually turn out for our benefit"   But we will see.

I taught Sunday school in 2013.  Took on the 5th and 6th grade kids. (very small class, THANK Goodness!!)  I volunteered one Sunday, and they looked so bored with the program that was going on (it is geared toward younger kids), it is a difficult age...but I'm glad I did it.  I've gotten to know the kids and I like them better than I thought I would. ha!!! So, gotta make a plan for know my class is especially 'craft' heavy.  To finish 2013, we made a 2014 calendar for them to give to their families...with an ATC card per month.  Wow, that got crazy.

Oh, and the worst part of 2013...I've regained all but about 20 lbs of my weight.  So, gotta go back to the basics and get on a losing streak.  Gotta admit, I have spent most of the year pretty much ignoring and not wanting to do what I know needs to be done.

Spent yesterday 'doing New Year's' Japanese style.  Cleaned (over 6 bags of garbage)....well, more of an organzing, purging cleaning...still need to dust and did not tackle any shelves...that will come later.  Japanese lore, is to finish all work the day before, so you can spend New Year's day doing what you enjoy. For me that is reading, shopping, hanging out with family .... As what you do today, will be what you do all year. They also give money you will receive money throughout the year.  My adjustment is I give out a book on New Year's it will be a year of learning.  ha!!

Oh!  last night I did finish A Dance with Dragons (the 5th book in A Game of Thrones) now I can't wait for the next be released, when?   aye yi yi.  So get to start a new book this year.  Thinking I'll hit the stack on my nightstand....then the 3 stacks in my closet...then the stacks under my nightstand.   2014 would be a good year not to buy anymore books!!

And hoping to scrapbook today,  I organized the room of piles last night...cuz I don't want to spend the year, I can work on projects today.

We will see.

So, finally, Happy New Year ya'll.   Hope 2014 proves to be terrific for ya'll.   Not too much drama and lots of blessings!!!

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