Tuesday, September 16, 2014

do you ever feel....


that is how I am feeling now.

I don't know why...things are going good in my life, but I feel ....hmmm, like I am not focusing on what I need to be doing.  Does that make sense?

I've been reading "Made to Crave" by Lysa TerKeaurst.  Very good book.  But it does make you think.

There has been a LOT of travel the past month or so...a 10 day trip to Texas, this past weekend in Oregon...and tomorrow I leave for  a couple of days in Reno with dh.  The 'good' thing about Reno is I do nothing while dh works.  So, that will give me a day to reflect.  And maybe lose some of this scattered feeling.

What has me unsettled?  The news is bad...it seems like things are just falling apart...on all levels

Should I be doing anything?  Should I get involved?  What? How?

Work is okay for me...but a lot going on...

The family is okay... I sure do love those grandkids.  I have no complaints.  Just read some stuff my 'crazy' sister put on FB...that probably has a lot to do with this feeling.  I just don't understand her and the accusations she makes and puts out in public.

Church is a li'l weird too.  We just took 6 weeks off from Sunday school...just no volunteers to keep it going.  Supposed to start up on Sunday.  I think I'm going to take it 'easy'...let the kids catch up on their art journals..play a game.  

I do miss the animals we 'rescued' over the summer.  6 kittens, all found homes.  and one small dog, Molly, and thank God she also has a new home.  But, boy do I miss them.  There is a sadness for me that I cannot be a part of their forever lives.  Though I do get to see pics of one of the kittens, thru facebook and of Molly...as a coworker adopted her.

My health, got a fairly high fasting glucose reading...so trying to cut down the sugars/carbs and work out more.   It is hard.  I'm good in that I still don't have the obsessive thoughts about food.  And pretty much just eat when hungry.   Just wanna make sure I make the good choices.  So thankful I did the caffeine purge, as I did add a lot of sugar to my teas.

Well, looking forward to some time 'off' in Reno.  Am bringing a couple of projects, not scrapbooking, but tags for an exchange and my Prima doll stamps.

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