Saturday, September 6, 2014

good news!!! well, for me...

During the month of August, I have been 'hovering' in the 192 thru 190's...gotta say it is still good that I don't have the obsessive self talk going in my head about food. (previous blog)  But just not enough changes to actually lose weight.  THEN, after my trip to Texas (to mom sit)...I went in for a fasting blood test.  Now, I am running late on that test by a few months, and when I arrived I was told the dr's order had expired (did not know they expire)...but the young lady at the desk said she could order a couple of tests as long as I was there..okay.

   Got the results and my glucose was 120 out of 125...and I'm thinking 'that sounds high".  So, I 'googled' it and yes, a fasting glucose of 120 is prediabetic.  Wha???
I let it stir in my head for a few days...and then I made changes.  

Restarted the 2 mile walk with my coworkers...I have been vigorously house cleaning (what is vigorous...doing the stuff that makes you sweat! floor scrubbing, dusting every knickknack)  Eating more salads (we are doing the mason jar salads you see on pinterest).  And avoiding sweets.  not 100% but the obvious sugary stuff...and tadaaaaa...did lose 3 lbs this week.  And that put me out of the 190's...finally.  

I am reading a book on Prediabetes.  Very interesting.  I LOVE soft white bread.  Did you know that during the digestive process it becomes sugar in your body?  Well, I did not.  There is one bread, Orowheat Italian that I can eat the whole loaf in a week's time. And I am the only one eating it.   So, guess I just cannot buy it any more.

Well, gonna keep researching and learning.  Went back to logging nutrition on Sparkpeople.  Little changes.

Well, I won't go into details about Texas, except to say it was tough.  And this time, mom did not like the vegetarian dishes I made for her.  She and my sis did  love the salmon and frittata.  (mom: 'what is that? it sounds mexican!') A  high spot, I bought some Hanafudu cards...its a Japanese card game, we played growing up.  AND she did enjoy that.  

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