Monday, February 6, 2017

Super Scrap Sunday!

did it!  After a Bible Study in the that looks like it will be excellant, I stayed in my pj's and scrapped the day away.   In Adriana's book finished the L.A. trip and did a Thanksgiving double page for Josh...At that point, decided to take a pics of my work space...ha!   I really spread out and am a messy scrapper.  I do try to straighten out after every layout...but this was different....

Fall papers lining the floor to the desk, and the shoe bins are filled with project life type cards for pocket pages. or journaling.  Also in this pic is Kyleigh's space...the small desk, white chair and rolling cart, we just set up for her.  The larger Ikea table is my 'project' desk, right now set up with baby supplies kept on hand.  Since the past 2 years I had 3 baby boys born...1, 2, 3...within months of each other.  She likes to put stickers in books and do a little 'drawing' with markers right now.  On her desk are stacks of my pics.  I recently revamped the frames around the house and those are the older pics taken out. (so it's a mess too)
My work area, with the layout in process...see that huge chipboard bird on a branch?  Y'all remember that collection?  It is very old...believe it was a Recollection or DCWV of woodland was one of the first 'collections' I had to have EVERY piece of...and oh, about 10 years later...I still have most of it!  

my work space to my left.  More pocket cards in back (Gossamer Blue sub) and in front are thanksgiving themed stamps. My rolling cart to the side, more pocket cards and die cuts.  and other misc stuff I cannot figure out a home for.

and to my right...I tend to pile more papers and the album  I am working on on Adriana's workspace (when she is not there)

I like having the album on hand to put the layouts in as I go.  But I don't tend to do that at crops, because of the limited space.   

So, thinking since I have Thanksgiving out, I should do all 4 kids (Jax hasn't been born yet) then I can do the same thing with Christmas.  

Thinking about it, I sure don't have very many fall collections...Maybe because living out here in CA we don't get the fall colors the east coast has?   Same with snowy winter papers and stuff...

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